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Vertical Farming is great and holds many possibilities. Yet, with every new exciting development or innovation, people and companies tend to blow things up. Which means that there’s a lot of claims out there, that are unfounded.

When somebody says that Vertical Farming uses 95% less water than conventional agriculture, there is a need for the source of those numbers and an understanding where they come from. When someone says that a higher LED efficiency will lower the energy costs for Vertical Farms dramatically, there is a need to prove this with numbers.

On this page the goal is to collect a wide variety of relevant research papers, case studies, reviews and summaries that will help you understand the world of Vertical Farming better.

AVF Research and case studies

The AVF has a research division that does a lot of research, from market analyses to relevant scientific papers. Next to that the many cooperations and project groups within the AVF, tend to produce case studies and white papers that are very valuable.

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FAQ answered with science

There are many claims and statements about Vertical Farming out there. And some of them are right, some of them are not nuanced enough and some of them are just plain wrong. With the AVF education we’re going for truth and science. Click on the questions below for the “FAQ answered with science”.

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