The role of Mushroom production in Vertical Farming

Mushrooms are nutritious, they’re tasty and they upcycle organic waste. Moreover because they don’t require lots of light, mushroom producers have been doing Vertical Farming much longer than plant producers have, so it’s odd that when we design big skyscrapers and only talk about hydroponics and aquaponics.

Let’s change that! Watch the video below and learn from the VF-Academy page on mushrooms.

Speaker: Kasper Moreaux, Project Manager at Mycelia (Belgium)

Bio: Kasper is a volcanologist from trade and has traveled the world extensively. He has been grown into the mushroom world through the family business and will try to convey his enthusiasm about these fantastic creatures onto the audience. Mycelia was founded in Belgium in 1985 and is currently Europe’s most specialised spawn producer. Run by a family, it has an industrial approach towards mycelium and mushroom cultivation, while remaining innovative and ecologically friendly. The company also teaches professionals on the cultivation of spawn, substrates and mushrooms in its school premises.

Presentation title: The role of Mushroom production in Vertical Farming.

Presentation abstract: In nature, Fungi are crucial elements in the success of an ecosystem. The same accounts for the food-strategy of a city and Vertical Farming. Kasper Moreaux will explain the benefits of Mushrooms in your daily routine, how mushroom production is done today and what the possibilities are towards integrating them into vertical farming and the circular economy.

The AVF Summit 2016 brought together multiple stakeholders in order to:

» Discuss circular economies and inform on their application

» Present on state-of-the-art technical developments within vertical farming such as growing techniques, LED lighting, building integrated agriculture, mushroom production and insect-farming and more…

» Develop a perspective on policy, sustainable finance and business models

» Encourage industry standards and collaboration