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Permaculture is a design approach for developing regenerative sustainable societies. It is based on the patterns of relationships we can observe in nature and is an ethical design that you would find in sustainable societies.

Its co-originator was Bill Mollison and it is acknowledged that much of the knowledge included in permaculture is based on indigenous knowledge from cultures across the world and throughout history.

All the resources we rely on come from the natural ecosystem around us. Many of these are stressed by the way we currently use them. Permaculture uses design to meet the needs of the people while maintaining an environmental quality that supports and enhances the unique biodiversity already in place.  Permaculture can also be used in a regenerative way for both landscapes and the communities.

This section on Permaculture will introduce:

What permaculture is and the principles that are behind it.

Why we need permaculture and the opportunities it offers.

At the bottom of the page we have included some questions to help you with your learning and please use the forum to answer the forum questions or to post questions of your own to the community learning with you.


What Are The Principles of Permaculture?

The next video features an internationally-recognized permaculture educator, Geoff Lawton, who is a consultant and practitioner of permaculture.

Bill Mollison and David Holmgren were the first to coin the term permaculture. Their knowledge is widely shared in books and on the internet- click here.
Watch this video and discover the power of permaculture as a way of life:
Why Permaculture?

Why Permaculture?


Links to Permaculture Learning Opportunities:


Permaculture Groups Around the World:

The Común Tierra Project is a research of sustainable communities in Latin America
Permaculture worldwide Network will let you know what is going on in the world of permaculture
For a network of ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects and retreat centers click here
Need help? Permaculture Design International helps you get your project running!
A man growing with trees
PermaJam is a music festival that aims to restore the land through cultivating harmony between the land and the people
Permaculture Association support members in Britain, contribute to Permaculture worldwide
Permaculture Scotland
Permaculture Wales
Permaculture Australia

Other things you may find interesting to include in your permaculture education:

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA):
More Information About CSA
Just Food– an organization that trains urban community members to start and manage CSA projects in partnership with their farmers
Composting toilets:
The dry toilet
Improving smells
DIY toilet