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Insects are an extremely important part of the ecological cycle. They play an important part in the food web. Together with Fungi, they are the main waste recyclers. They are also pollinators and food for other creatures. Think you know about insects. Think again!

Insects contain a lot of valuable nutrients and protein and are edible for all (humans and animals). So the question is why not farm them? Many cultures include insects in their diets. Some have done this for centuries and others have adopted this more recently. Either way farming insects has many benefits and contributes to a more sustainable society, as insects hold one of the keys to a creating a zero-waste society.

Open your mind and let insects convince you that they are a great option for your protein intake for this new generation. The world of insect farming is vast and has lots to offer you if you get to know them – you can even learn how to cook them to your own taste!

In this section you can find out the answer to these questions:

What insects are and what role they play in nature.

Where insects are eaten in various parts of the world, how many are consumed and by whom.

How insects can feed humanity.

What people are already doing with insects across the globe.

How to grow and cook insects.

Other applications for insects.

At the bottom of the page we have included some questions to help you with your learning and please use the forum to answer the forum questions or to post questions of your own to the community learning with you.


So many Insects!

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Future of food

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Why not insects?

What are people doing about it?

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Insect growing videos


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Or cook them!

Delicios or disgusting?

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Insects and other interesting applications

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Forum questions:

  1. Why are insects so abundant in nature?
  2. Compare and discuss insect growing and cattle raising.
  3. How do you think insect production could make our society more sustainable
  4. How do you see insects in Vertical Farming?
  5. How would you promote insect intake? Why are some people not very convinced?